Fall Focus Donation Heifer Selling at Virginia Beef Expo

McDonald Farms is donating a “pick of the lot” for the Virginia Beef Expo, April 17, in Harrisonburg. The buyer will get to pick from McDonald Farms 2019-born Simmental and SimAngusTM heifers.

Proceeds of the sale will go to the American Simmental-SimbrahFoundation and the Virginia Simmental Association to support the 2020 Fall Focus this August in Roanoke, VA. McDonald Farms will supply a list of the heifers’ registration numbers to choose from. Buyer must select their female by April 30, 2020.

Bill McDonald, owner and manager of McDonald Farms, says, "We are glad to support the American Simmental-Simbrah Foundation in its efforts to promote and fund educational programs for cattle producers. By donating this 'Pick of our 2019 Simmental or SimAngus Heifers' we are helping to make this a reality. McDonald Farms has supported Fall Focus since it started and is very honored to help the Virginia Simmental Association host this event in our great state. This will be the first time in 15 years that anyone has had the opportunity to purchase one of our females at a public Simmental sale." For more information about the donation lot contact Bill McDonald at or DP Sales at Interested in learning more about this year’s Fall Focus, head to

Email Bill

Education Session

Our Goal

To arm seedstock breeders and commercial cattlemen with information to confidently make genetic selection decisions, market their product, promote the beef industry, and plan for the security of future generations.


Board Meeting and Events

Interactive Committee Meetings

Join the ASA staff and Board of Trustees at Fall Focus 2021. 

The schedule and registration information will be posted when available in 2021.   





Hotel and Area Information

Fall Focus 2021

The Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center
110 Shenandoah Avenue
Roanoke, VA 24016

Direct 540-853-8254 | Fax 540-853-8264

Gordon Jones, Ph.D Scott P. Greiner, Ph.D Ben Williamson Wade Shafer, Ph.D
Speakers PowerPoint  VIDEO 
 Program Schedule    

Welcome Message:  Bob Lanting, Chairman,  Opening Comments: Russell Redding, Pennsylvania Secretary of Agriculture

  Video Presentation
Wade Shafer, Ph.D.,  EVP, American Simmental Association   Video Presentation
Gordon Jones, Ph.D., Red Hill Farms/former Professor of Animal Science, Western KY University  PowerPoint  Video Presentation
Daren R. Williams, Senior Executive Director of Communications, The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association PowerPoint Video Presentation
Ben Williamson, Animal Science , PA State University  PowerPoint  Video Presentation
Michael J. Baker, Ph.D., Senior Extension Associate, Cornell University PowerPoint Video Presentation
Jackie Atkins, Ph.D., Director of Science and Education, ASA              PowerPoint Video Presentation
Lauren Hyde, Ph.D.,   Lead Geneticist International Genetic Solutions PowerPoint Video Presentation
Scott P. Greiner, Ph.D., Professor of Animal & Poultry Science, VA Tech             PowerPoint Video Presentation
Alex White, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor Dept. of Dairy Science, Virginia Tech and operator for A. White Enterprises    PowerPoint Video Presentation
Frank Lucas, US Congressman and member of House Committee of Agriculture     Video Presentation
Jackie Atkins, Ph.D Lauren Hyde, Ph.D Michael Baker, Ph.D Alex White, Ph.D  
PA Secretary of Agriculture Russell Redding and Tom Vossler Wade Shafer, US Congressman Frank Lucas, Bert Moore, Tom Vossler
Linda Kesler and Chairman Robert Lanting Doug Parke and Cliff Orley
Fred Schuetze and Tim Smith Chairman Bob Lanting delivering welcome address
Keynote speaker Daren Williams  

 Thank you sponsors - video clip



    Brian DeFreese Erika Kenner Tim Smith

Staff Video Presentations:    Will Townsend             Lauren Hyde, Ph.D               Jackie Atkins, Ph.D        Bert Moore, Ph.D

Activities and Events    PowerPoint:  Activities & Events      PowerPoint: Youth and PTP Programs

  • Provide venues for breeder interaction with members and industry
  • Support of major PTP Shows
  • PTP Judges
  • Guidance and interaction with AJSA and Junior programs
  • Events:
    • 2016 Fall Focus – Bozeman, Montana
    • PTP Shows – Social Events
    • Meet & Greet on the Grounds – NWSS
    • National PTP Show Social
    • National PTP Show – Herdsman of the Year Award

Breed Improvement  

PowerPoint:  Breed Improvement     PowerPoint:  Quantum Leap     IGS    Commercial and Industry    Science and Education

  • International Genetics Solutions (IGS): An unprecedented collaboration between progressive breed associations to enhance beef industry profitability.  IGS is an outgrowth of listening to the commercial industry.  Twelve like-minded breed associations working together to provide genetic evaluation to the industry!
  • Project Quantum Leap: Funded by ASA to develop the most advanced genetic evaluation software that has ever existed.  Dubbed BOLT (Biometric Open Language Tools), the software will dramatically increase our ability to leverage genomic information in the calculation of EPDs.  The first EPDs calculated by BOLT will be released in 2016.
  • Feed Intake Project:  ASA will begin long term collection of feed intake data coupled with the carcass merit program starting with the calves put on feed this fall. Through the continuous collection of feed intake on offspring of high use sires, we will enhance our ability to predict feed intake through genomic testing.
  • Herd Management Programming:  Programming is underway to provide users of ASA's online database system, Herdbook Services, with more herd management tools.
  • KSU Feet & Leg Project:  Along with Red Angus and Gelbvieh associations, ASA is funding a KSU project to study feet and legs.  2,500 SimGenetic animals are in involved in this project.
  • Walton-Berry Grant:  Bob Walton and Jim Berry initiated the Walton-Berry Grant a few years ago to support graduate students who are studying animal breeding.  Two grants totaling $8,600 were awarded this year.   Articles regarding the grant recipients' research projects are published in the Register and on ASA’s website.
  • Genetic Condition:  Oculocutaneous Hypopigmentation (OH).  This is a non-lethal, cosmetic condition; low frequency within the Simmental population.  Watch for more details in the Register and eNews.
  • ADG EPD: Average Daily Gain EPD has been added to the array of EPDs published by ASA.


Growth and Development   

PowerPoint: Growth & Development    PowerPoint:  State Association Communication   PowerPoint:  Stats and Measurements

  • National and Regional Advertisement and Promotion.
  • Five promotional videos have been developed and posted on ASA’s website; two more are in the works and will be announced in eNews when they are available.
  • State Association Cost Share.  Options available for state associations for advertising and promotion include one visit from a representative of ASA at no cost to the state association; additional visits to state association functions are reimbursed at the 60/40 cost share level.


Policy & Procedures    PowerPoint: Policy & Procedures

  • Electronic Voting. Encourage active members to vote electronically
  • Sale’s Manager’s procedure authorizing transfers
  • Write-in procedure when there are more than two from one state
  • Responsibilities as an Authorized Representative
  • Dilution Test
  • Country of Origin for Fullblood Animals


Simbrah   PowerPoint:  Simbrah

  • THE Herds
    • Simbrah Classification
    • Feed Intake / Collect Intake and Carcass Data
  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Events
    • American Breeds Coalition
    • Superbowl Event
    • Texas A&M – Beef Short Course
    • Texas Simmental—Simbrah Association
  • Genomics
    • DNA Enhancement
    • Dilution Gene
         Susan Russell                   Nancy Tom             Fred Schuetze         Steve McGuire  
       Will Townsend                Hannah Wine              Dale Miller                  Jon Willis   
Susan Russell Nancy Tom Will Townsend Steve McGuire Fred Schutze

As Dan Lehrman posted on ASA’s Facebook page:

Dan Lehrman "What a great mtg. A big thanks to the staff, the board and the PA Simmental group. Those who left after Monday mtg missed two more days of education on how the ASA works. I would recommend anyone going to the fall mtgs hang around for a couple of more days it is well worth the time" Posted September 16 at 1:09pm

It was a great meeting with all attending contributing to make it a huge success. The impetus behind Fall Focus was a desire by ASA Trustees and Staff to provide a venue for members to come together to swap ideas and learn.  Though all ASA board and committee meetings are open to the public; the Fall Focus meetings are designed to foster interaction from the floor through an "open forum" configuration during the committee and board meetings.  Click here for a recap of the committee, staff work and PowerPoint presentations

To inform breeders about pertinent industry issues and encourage attendance, Fall Focus includes a full-day educational symposium boasting some of the industry's top speakers preceding the committee and board meetings.  This year's educational symposium videos and PowerPoint presentations are posted for your viewing on the Fall Focus website. Click here to view videos. 

Don't miss next year's Fall Focus in Bozeman, MT.  Bozeman was chosen as the 2016 venue to give attendees an opportunity to view ASA's new headquarters, as well as a chance to meet all ASA employees. 


Retired professor of Animal Sciences Western Kentucky University

Red Hill Farms

Dr. Gordon Jones retired in 2010 as professor of animal science after 40 years on the faculty at Western Kentucky University (WKU). During his tenure at WKU, he taught Introduction to Animal Science, Meats and Meat Products, Beef and Swine Production, and Animal Breeding. In addition, he was involved in the beef industry in KY and presented many programs on various aspects of the beef industry. Beef Cattle Selection and Mating Systems have been topics of major interest to Dr. Jones.

Jones served six years on the beef improvement committee of the Red Angus Association of America (RAAA), and he is currently a member of the technical committee of RAAA. Dr. Jones and his family have been involved in the swine seedstock business for over 50 years, and he is presently involved with his family in the Red Hill Farms Red Angus and Simmental operations. He works with commercial producers in planning selection programs and crossbreeding systems.

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